Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebration of Life ~ My Mom and Keepsake Project Life Memory Keeping Messages

I know it's been a while since you've heard from me.  For those of you that don't know,
sadly my mom passed away last month.
My mom:  Margarita Garcia, 94.5, an independent woman at the core, Margarita learned at a young age how to take care of herself.  Growing up in San Bernadino, California she faced struggles and being an orphan in the midst of the depression.  Through those difficult years, she persevered and eventually found contentment when starting a family with her husband, John.  Living the charmed life, Margarita enjoyed surrounded by her family, always loving and supported her loved ones.  She was an exceptionally strong, patient and precious individual who will be greatly missed.  She lived in her little White House, the one her and her beloved husband John, my dad, built together for them of 66 years.

Mom & I (Marian)
She know's I am trying to be creative again. 
I would like to share with you at my moms memorial reception I had all our guests family and friends write down some of their fond memories of my mom.  Later down the road I'd will document these lovely messages in a memory album traditionally or scan the memory messages for a digital memory book.  A few years back I created a book in honor of my dad and while I was creating it I found it to be quite theraputic and very healing. 
I specifically pulled out the Project Life 4x6 blank white cards.
Stampin' Up! Project Life has 4" x 3" Grid Cards #136528 white with gray grid lines.
Blank on back.
Love that it becomes a keepsake (below).
Lovely messages left from family and friends about my Mom.   
Ideas ...
What: Celebration of Life, Birthdays, Anniversaries,Wedding Guest Book & more!
Who: Together for our family & friends
Where: A sign placed at each table of the reception/party/gathering
Why: If it's for a wedding it’s a tradition to have guests sign in upon arrival, but how FUN is it in this format of combining pictures of the new couple with those notes of love + support – right!?

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Do something create today.

Enjoy & Share!


  1. To dear Marian,
    My heart goes out to you with the passing of your sweet Mum. Having lost my Dad not even a year ago, I know exactly where you are right now. You are in my thoughts ♥

  2. So sorry for your loss, Marian! I hope, in time, all the good memories of your beloved mom will comfort you. What a great idea to make a memory book!

    Big hugs, Laura


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